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  1. How do I make an appointment?For quicker response, please call 077 715 578 to make an appointment. You may also email us at Please allow us one business day to review your request and we will get back to you with specific instructions.
  2. Where is Happy Kids Clinic located? The clinic is located at our # 10, St.500, Sangkat Phsar Deom Tkov, Khan Chamkar morn, Phnom Penh. See our map here.
  3. What are your operation hours? Happy Kids Clinic is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We conduct our initial consultations at our clinic on a Saturday morning.
  4. Can a speech therapist or occupational therapist come to my house for the therapy consultation or sessions? Yes, we can provide the service if you live in Phnom Penh. Please note that additional fees may be charged for in-home therapy consultations or sessions.
  5. I work. Can I arrange for someone else to bring my child? We require a parent or guardian to come to the clinic with the child. During the therapy consultation and assessment, the parent or guardian will be asked some questions and be required to fill out forms. This will help us better diagnose the child. The parent or guardian may also be asked to participate in a therapy session.
  6. Do you provide group therapy? Yes, we can provide the service for children of the same age group.
  7. I’m coming late for the therapy session. What should I do?Please ensure you arrive on time for the therapy session. For the benefit of other clients, we will not proceed with the session if you come more than 15 minutes late. Please reschedule your missed session directly with our speech therapists, occupational therapists or therapy assistants.
  8. I want to cancel a therapy session.  What should I do? Please call 077 715 578 or email immediately. There is no charge for a cancellation that is made 24 hours before the scheduled session or in case of emergency. For cancellations where you do not provide 24 hours’ notice, we only charge for the session if you have cancelled more than 2 times over the course of 6 sessions.


Payment of services


  1. How much does your service cost? Before we provide therapy, you need to undergo a consultation to better diagnose your child. We charge $85 for consultation and $160 for a comprehensive assessment that can go for up to 3 hours (but this is not always required for all children). The cost for our therapy sessions depends on the time duration: $60 for 40 mins session or $90 for one hour.
  2. Will insurance cover the cost? Please check with your insurance provider to determine whether or not they cover the services we provide.


About our speech therapy services


  1. My child is having a problem with speech/language/feeding. What should I do? Please make an appointment with the clinic for an initial consultation. This allows us to review your child’s history, discuss your concerns and make observations. Then, we can give advice on whether your child needs immediate speech therapy or if we need to wait a few months before we begin speech therapy. We will also direct you if your child needs to see another health professional.
  2. How do I know if my child is just a late bloomer? It’s impossible to tell without an assessment from a speech therapist or occupational therapist. If your child is not developing as much as other children of the same age, we suggest you to make an appointment with the clinic. It is better to act now than to wait.
  3. My child is having difficulty participating in the classroom environment. What should I do?School-based occupational therapy can help your child to reach their full potential in the learning environment. An occupational therapist can look at you child’s work space, activities and individual skills such as organisation and attention, and can recommend individualised strategies to help your child succeed. Happy Kids Clinic offers school visits as part of therapy delivery.
  4. Is your clinic exclusive only for children? Though we are called Happy Kids Clinic, we can also provide speech therapy and occupational therapy to adults with speech and language difficulties or other rehabilitation needs, who may be presented with a stroke, brain injury, or with a degenerative disease that affects their ability to speak, eat or complete other daily tasks.
  5. Who provides the services? Services are provided by foreign speech therapists, occupational therapists, and local therapy assistants. Meet our staff here.
  6. Can I record the therapy session on my personal electronic device? Yes, this is fine for personal use at home.
  7. What happens during a consultation? How long does it take? The initial consultation lasts for one hour. This allows us to review medical history, discuss the client’s concerns and goals, and determine a plan.
  8. Should I have a consultation if I’ve already been to another speech or occupational therapy clinic? You are welcome to seek a second opinion. If your child had received therapy from another clinic, please bring any relevant reports for us to review. We would still require you to have an initial consultation at the clinic for us to establish a relationship with your child and to discuss your goals and concerns.
  9. What do you do in therapy? How long is each session and how often? The frequency and duration of therapy sessions are negotiated with you. We would recommend one session per week at a minimum. One session can last from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the age of the child and their needs. Therapy sessions with children involve activities, games and exercises that are relevant to their needs. We want to make therapy fun so that children are motivated to participate.
  10. Can I leave my child alone during therapy? We require a parent or guardian to be present during therapy. The sessions are not just about working with the child, but it also involves training the parent or guardian in techniques that can be used with the child at home.
  11. How long will my child be in therapy? This is a difficult question to answer as children vary from one another. For children with complex disabilities, such as autism, speech therapy can be a long term process. For children with less complex speech and language difficulties, therapy may last 6-12 months but this depends on the child’s response to therapy, follow-up in home, their condition and the frequency of sessions.



Got other questions? We really do love hearing from you! Email or call 077 715 578.

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