Our story

Happy Kids Clinic was started by the team at OIC Cambodia, a Cambodian NGO working to grow speech therapy services in Cambodia and helping those with communication and swallowing difficulties.

OIC works to make speech therapy accessible to all those who need it in Cambodia, especially those living in poverty. In Cambodia, approximately one in 25 people needs speech therapy. Despite this, there is still no university course to train local Cambodians in speech therapy, and lack of awareness in the government and community.


OIC sets out to change this.


After three years of addressing this problem, OIC recognised the need to open a private clinic in Phnom Penh. The clinic would raise awareness in Cambodia about communication difficulties, and provide occupational and speech therapy to children so that they could go to school and participate fully in society.

The clinic also allows OIC to train local Cambodians in therapy skills that otherwise didn’t exist.

As importantly, the profits generated by the clinic go toward the works that OIC is doing.

In early 2018, we moved into a new location with more space. Also, now both the Happy Kids Clinic and OIC Cambodia are located in the same building, which is helping us work more efficiently to grow the future of speech therapy in Cambodia.


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